Nel Unlit single Mirrow, ft Faithful Johannes

One week night, some time in 2020, just before the pandemic (I think), I went round to Ben’s house and worked with him and Jon from Nel Unlit to write the song that became Mirrow, which is out as a Nel Unlit single today on the streams here

Mirrow is taken from Nel’s forthcoming story album, Ephemera; or, Tosh and the Girl, out on May 13th. Vinyl pre-orders via Butterfly Effect Records here

I later went through to Wakey for the day to have a burrito and sing in the studio with Jamie. I’m on Mirrow and Mr Grimes in reply on the record, voicing Tosh’s exasperated, partying milkman, long-time friend Grimey.

I’m in total awe of how Ben and Jon and the rest of Nel work and write – honoured to have had a small part in the record.

I’m playing live with Nel at their launch party Sunday 22nd of May at Base Camp Boro tickets at

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