I’ll Always Call You Father Christmas – 5th Annual Xmas Song

Hey, there. Faithful Johannes here. Finally got around to setting up my website, the domain of which I’ve had since the summer. Unfortunately, contracting Covid last week means I’ve had to cancel three live shows this December and banish myself to the back room for 10 days away from my family…. the positives though are that I read a book and started another, have almost finished my tax return, got up to date with reporting stuff to PRS and…. I’ve finally had time to get this website together!

The first bit of news to share here, is that my fifth annual xmas song, I’ll Always Call You Father Christmas, is out everywhere including my bandcamp and on the streams.

I wrote most of the words and melody between getting dropped off near the Duke of Wellington (pub not man) and walking the five minutes home in late October. I need to be clear from the off, I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PEOPLE SAYING “SANTA CLAUS”, really I don’t. Honestly. Not a problem at all. Although I do prefer Father Christmas myself. The song is addressed to St Nic, sympathises with his heavy workload, asks him some questions about the inconsistencies in the process and end with an extensive and materialistic list of Christmas requests.

It’s coming out on Butterfly Effect Record‘s Singles Club as a 7″ lathe cut single, backed with my single from last year, It’s OK to be Alone This Christmas (feat. Benjamin Amos). It’s an edition of 40, and I think, as I type there’s about 6 or so available still. If you’re after a copy there’s an invite only Facebook group and you post on there to say you want one – let me know if you want an invite, I’m sure if you’re not on Facebook you could message Stephen and he’ll sort you out too.

I do intend to do a video for this song when I feel a bit less Covid-y to go along with these ones… but in the meantime, you might be interested in this interview I did for NARC Magazine’s E-zine with an obnoxious interviewer called Tom Heap:

2021 NARC E-zine Christmas songs interview with Tom Heap

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