Out My Depth EP out now

8″ vinyl and download is available via https://faithfuljohannes.bandcamp.com/album/out-my-depth
And this link you take to your favourite streaming place https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/faithfuljohannes/out-my-depth
Three story songs with music by Infinite Arcade.

One about accidental karaoke, one about losing your phone and it sending wise, life-changing messages to your colleagues and one about being washed out to sea. Hope you enjoy!

Fifteen To None – Single & Video

Fifteen to None single is out now. Here’s a video I made tonight (thanks to L-A for helping).

It’s a collabration with Marlene Everling who played her dad’s MicroKorg on it – here’s the songlink https://song.link/i/1626904428 for the streams, and it’s on the little used FJ bandcamp too over here https://faithfuljohannes.bandcamp.com/track/fifteen-to-none


Fifteen to None cover

Hiya, I have a new single out on Friday. It’s a collaboration, the music was written with Marlene Everling who did all the synths. Digital pre-save is via https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/faithfuljohannes/fifteen-to-none …. It’s sort of about the FJ character’s grudges and almost moments.. almost winning 15 to 1 (actually my friend Paul) telling Coldplay the formula for success when they were just starting off (actually my friend Daniel). Maybe we need to be happy with how things are and not fret on so much with regrets and what ifs.

Nel Unlit single Mirrow, ft Faithful Johannes

One week night, some time in 2020, just before the pandemic (I think), I went round to Ben’s house and worked with him and Jon from Nel Unlit to write the song that became Mirrow, which is out as a Nel Unlit single today on the streams here https://song.link/gb/i/1613359287

Mirrow is taken from Nel’s forthcoming story album, Ephemera; or, Tosh and the Girl, out on May 13th. Vinyl pre-orders via Butterfly Effect Records here https://nelunlit.bandcamp.com/album/ephemera-or-tosh-and-the-girl

I later went through to Wakey for the day to have a burrito and sing in the studio with Jamie. I’m on Mirrow and Mr Grimes in reply on the record, voicing Tosh’s exasperated, partying milkman, long-time friend Grimey.

I’m in total awe of how Ben and Jon and the rest of Nel work and write – honoured to have had a small part in the record.

I’m playing live with Nel at their launch party Sunday 22nd of May at Base Camp Boro tickets at https://www.tickettailor.com/events/tenfeettall/659312/

Northern Tape EP on the Streams

I’m putting the 4 tracks I contributed to Northern Tape’s NT-003 split cassette release out as an EP on the streams this Friday.

You can pre-save on Spotify here https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/faithfuljohannes/nt3

The Bear
Chazza Shop Song
Oblivion (With You)

Artwork is by the brilliant Joe Munsey ( https://joemunsey.com/ )

There’s still some copies of the tape at https://northerntape.bandcamp.com/album/nt-003