Different (Trisket Version)

Different is a disco song, off of an EP released in 2021. I did an alternative version, at a different tempo with different music for a Nick Roberts BBC Introducing in Newcastle session. It’s nagged at me for a while that I probably like this version better, so I’m starting to play in live soon, and thought I’d get it up on the streams too. It’s on the streams from March 24th, as Different (Tricket Version) – MJC tells me a Trisket is the opposite of a disco pre-save at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/faithfuljohannes/different-triscuit-version…. and it is already on bandcamp on this NARC compilation, if downloads are your bag https://narcmagazine.bandcamp.com/album/narc-compilation-album-15

Out My Depth EP out now

8″ vinyl and download is available via https://faithfuljohannes.bandcamp.com/album/out-my-depth
And this link you take to your favourite streaming place https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/faithfuljohannes/out-my-depth
Three story songs with music by Infinite Arcade.

One about accidental karaoke, one about losing your phone and it sending wise, life-changing messages to your colleagues and one about being washed out to sea. Hope you enjoy!